Globaltainer - Containers in the United Kingdom


GOur service for you: We are Globaltainer, a global company based in the "Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany". Our core competence is efficient logistics. Our experienced and dynamic team are happy to provide you with solutions for all your logistic needs. Not only do we buy and sell containers of all different sorts, but we also offer assistance with transportation, such as cars, and the clearance of containers through customs.

L Whether it’s import or export needs, our team of experts can assist in creating customized, carefree, broad-spectrum packages for you. Knowing that intermodal transport is important to carry your cargo, we choose the most suitable option, be it by road, rail, air freight or over water (sea freight). We offer tailored solutions for all!

O GLOBALTAINER is your trusted partner with worldwide service and everything to do with containers for shipping overseas. In our offer, you will find everything from standard to specific containers. Our containers can be used for your import & export shipments or for storage. We offer a variety of containers, such as refrigerated containers, insulated containers, storage containers, flat racks, platforms, open tops - we will find the perfect solution for your needs! From production to the end customer, we can offer you containers in almost all versions. In addition, we accompany and support you in your projects from start to finish.

Container conversion:
We build exactly what is needed for our customers by constructing containers in the plant that are more efficient to use. From simple conversions to highly technical conversions, cooling technology, heating technology, air conditioning or simple steel construction, you are in good hands with us.

AContainer sale: New containers, used containers, special containers, open top containers, flat rack containers, platform containers, refrigerated containers, tank containers, insulated containers, bulk containers, bulk-cargo containers (dry bulk containers), modular housing containers, office containers, offshore containers, storage containers, mini containers, sanitary containers, snack containers, sales containers, tent containers. Container purchase: We buy your old containers.

LRent / Lease: SHORT TIME RENTAL - Do you need containers for private or business use for a short-term period? You can rent containers from us for a few days.
LONG TERM RENTAL - Is the container needed for multiple shipments or longer storage purposes? With long-term rental, we can offer you attractive rates.
HIRE PURCHASE - After the rental period, the containers can be transferred to your property.

COMBINED RENTAL "ONE WAY LEASE" / RETURN Option - Do you only need the containers for one shipment? Globaltainer offers transportation and rental with return to the country of destination. Would you like to ship containers to countries where no shipping company wants to go and the sea freight rates are high? Buy a container from us and we buy the container back in the destination country. Thus, offering you a cost-effective shipping option. Shipments to crisis-stricken countries are also possible.

Logistics: Transports within United Kingdom and Germany by road rail or inland by waterway are also available. You can take advantage of our services throughout Europe as well as worldwide and ship your goods safely with us via sea transport. Before and after customs clearance are services we offer. You can use our worldwide network to ship your goods safely and cost-effectively from port to port. Feel free to use our sea freight calculators.