Refrigerated container & cooling technology

You can rent or buy our refrigerated containers. Whether for gastronomy or for your industry, our refrigerated containers are your trusted partner. The refrigerated container ensures that your products do not spoil in front of the supermarket.

Cool any kind of food in our containers, be it cheese, sausage, fish, meat, vegetables or drinks. For agricultural purposes, temperatures can be ensured during hot summer temperatures. If you need a larger cooling surface, contact us and we will build a custom cold storage/cooling unit for you from our refrigerated containers.

Our 3m deep freezer container is perfect for gastronomy, allowing for quick construction and dismantling. Whether for festivals such as “Oktoberfest” or the famous “Hamburg DOM Fun Fair” or other major events and open-air events, with our containers, a cold beer is always guaranteed. We offer, for renting, 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot high cube containers for cooling food. Only need the refrigerated container for one day? No problem, our freezer container offer allows both flexible short-term rental and long-term rentals of 12 months or more.

Even when it comes to technically demanding cooling technology or heating techniques, we are your technically competent sidekick. Temperatures and humidity are controlled by our systems. Available for rent or purchase, our shock freezers for shock-freezing meat or fish can be installed in a container.

Our refrigerated containers are currently being used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the automotive industry. Whether it is medication or chemicals, a constant and/or low temperature is often mandatory for storage and for the investigation and evaluation of studies, research and, experiments.

We can remove the refrigerated container with the appropriate technology, or include explosion-proof, fire-protected and with smooth-running cooling doors. Interior lighting and cold curtains are also part of our standard. Loading ramps for easy loading and unloading are supplied on request. In case of emergency, so that the cold chain is ensured intermittently, we can also supply you with an emergency generator, referred to as a “genset", a diesel powered generator.

With a climate container, you can control and regulate the temperature, humidity and fresh air supply. In some research experiments, management and control of humidity may be crucial. Our systems can be cooled or heated. Heating containers for the drying of raw materials such as wood have drying chambers with the appropriate heating technology.

The technology used even allows mobile control of the units. Control the unit from any place in the world without time delay. The only requirement is an existing Internet connection between the control module and the unit. Temperature and humidity can also be programmed to preset environmental parameters by phasing in the changing storage or maturing and fermentation processes. For example, daytime and nighttime temperatures can be achieved in the simplest of cases.

General technical data:
Standard: Temperatures between + 25 ° C and -25 ° C adjustable.
New units can reach temperatures between + 45 ° C and -40 ° C.
Units from Thermo King, Carrier, Transicold, Daikin, Starcool. Interior lining: V2A stainless steel or polyurethane insulation from 10-12cm. The floor is standard T-grating aluminum floor with air duct. We also have containers with smooth floors available in our rental park. As refrigerant 134a / R404a | Current connection ° 380V / 32
Ampere operating voltage CEE 50Hz / power 6-10KW / H

We are happy to answer any question you may have, please contact us anytime. We are more than happy to answer any inquiries.