Cold Rooms from our Refrigerated Containers

If you need a larger refrigerated warehouse, then benefit from our years of experience in the refrigeration market. We have a cooling system specially made by us for containers to keep your products at the right temperature.
These systems can be made arbitrarily large, and cold conducted or heat conducted. With these climate containers, you could easily control air pressure, humidity, and temperatures.

If you need temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius you can buy or rent a suitable refrigerated container for flash freezing. Short-term rent is also possible. For example, meat and fish that has to be flash frozen.
Various performance variants can be installed by the high-performance fan for optimum air speed and air circulation. We offer training at the facilities and a technical refrigerated container service. Anti-slip coatings and smooth floors are installed on request. The containers are also equipped with lighting. In the event that someone is locked inside, safety door openings, panic switches, and alarms must be provided for occupational safety. We also offer a complete cold chain record and temperature alarms, for if the temperature falls below the desired amount.

Climate containers, heating containers can supply products with plus degrees. With a heating container, you can dry your firewood or it’s also suitable as a laboratory container to perform experiments. In the pharmaceutical industry, containers for drug development have been successful, and there are also pharmaceutical containers for breeding special plants.