20FT GPRF Reefer / Refrigerated /Cooling Container

Special feature: Size of the container, easy handling, easy transportation, easy cooling

External / Internal
Length: 6.058 mm 20 ft / Length: 5.450 mm 18 ft
Width: 2.438 mm 8 ft / Width: 2.292 mm 7 ft 5“
Height: 2.591 mm 8 ft 6“ / Height: 2.275 mm 7 ft 5“

Door opening
Width: 2.340 mm / 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.280 mm / 7 ft 5“

Weight table / Machinery details
Tare weight: 3.000 kg / Tempreture: +25 °C/ -25°C
Max. load: 30.480 kg / Voltage: 380-460 V / 50-60 Hz
Max. Payload: 27.480 kg
Pallet space: 11 Stück / Plug: 4- & 5-pole / 32 A

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

We can offer you refrigerated containers with perfect dimensions. This 20-foot refrigerated container is ideal as a food and beverage storage for events and is available for rent as well as for sale. Whether short-term rental or long-term rental both are possible. The 20-foot refrigerated container is suitable for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive goods and can be loaded with up to 11 pallets. The container is ideal for shipping food and storing food. At public festivals, trade fairs or other events, our mobile cooling system will keep your audience happy.
Refrigerated containers, often also known as insulated containers, climatic containers or refrigerated cells are incredibly flexible in the field of goods storage of perishable goods, such as meat and vegetables. They are also versatile in the field of storage of other temperature-sensitive goods, such as scientific samples or pharmaceutical products, or across such industries.
Due to their high flexibility and their importance for the trade in goods and business, we offer them in all common formats (10 ', 20', 40 ') for both pure storage purposes and for use as transport containers.
In addition, due to their excellent insulating properties, we also offer used refrigerated containers as an insulated container unit without a functioning unit.
The field of application of insulated containers is multifaceted:
Whether used to protect the cooling or heating chain in the context of sensitive goods transport or as a warehouse for sensitive pharmaceutical, chemical and medical products, the insulated container is an indispensable part of today's industry and goods transport.

Insulated containers can be used to safeguard the cooling chain for food producers such as butchers, dairy producers, vegetable sellers, or as modular cold storage for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical industry. It can also be used at events. This container has established its reputation as having an industry-wide gold standard for modular cooling.