Storage Container

Whether tires, tools, garden tools or other materials and goods, the warehousing container or storage container is an inexpensive and fast solution for safe, clean and dry storage of small and/or large volume stored goods. The material containers are lockable and not visible/opaque. Containers are stackable, so a large volume can still be stowed when space is tight. At the same time, mobility is always guaranteed because transport with precise unloading is done quickly, if necessary.

Whether commercial or private, heavy or bulky goods, goods and equipment, the storage container, or material container as an alternative to conventional storage forms is inexpensive and flexible. These boxes have been trusted for many years as construction containers, material, tool or tire bearings and are suitable for almost all types of goods.

In contrast to the storage container, the intermodal container offers a more robust option. The intermodal container is also more stable and solid and is recommended for predictably more frequent container movements and extreme payload capacities. You also have the choice between wood or steel floors, depending on the intended use.

The steel floor is suitable for storing food, chemicals or liquids. The advantage of a steel floor, tear plate or checker plate is that it is easy to clean. Wooden floors are sensitive to fluids and less resilient.

Due to their design and size, these containers are easy to handle with crane and forklift trucks. This is an important consideration, especially for commercial and industrial applications for farms, company premises or for workshops. In the private sector, a variety of uses are possible. Almost anything is imaginable and feasible with our containers: usage as a hoard for home, your bulky garden equipment; such as the lawnmower or riding mower. It can even function as a garage for your seasonal vehicle or your classic car!

Our assortment also includes some special containers with different designs. For example, we have double door, side door or low cube containers. Whether a mini 3m container or a 12m 45’ HC pallet wide high cube container, open top container, flat rack container and, other unique types, finding the right container for the correct storage of your products has never been easier. Whether renting or buying, we are happy to support you in your endeavour. Used containers or new containers, our stock includes both variations and for the best possible service to the customer, we maintain large storage capacities. We also offer storage space for self-storage as a room solution.

Our business is not only for local needs, but our used containers and new containers are available throughout Europe for sale or for rent. Whether short-term or long-term rental, we offer both to meet your needs.

We offer everything from a single source, so take advantage of our years of rental purchasing and transport experience. Our goal and purpose are to be the best solution for YOU. Together with our trusted partners, whether in road transport, rail transport, sea transport or by air freight, we offer logistics services and the accompaniment of the container.

Office container

The office container can act as a decentralized collection point for customers and partners, replacing or expanding your capabilities and your abilities to conduct business. The office container also allows you to avoid operational and organizational interruptions, such as those that can result from renovation or refurbishment. The container can also be used as a classic, practical, functional, promotional, inviting or representative, and business-generating outpost.

Depending on the requirements, it can be used as a simple office site, or utilized for consultation appointments, administrative purposes or serve as a social space. We are able to orient ourselves to your individual wishes. The modular design makes it possible to connect several individual containers and to equip them according to requirements and needs, for example with a kitchen, WC or complete sanitary facility.

There are different sizes and combinations to meet your needs. As a result, the office container is able to cope with a wide range of situations. Whether as a single container or modular large-scale system; you can get a fully functional spare office or gain additional capacity with the desired comfort, heating and sound insulation.

So gain a fast, convenient and mobile office space solution. We ensure quick expansion or dismantling , guaranteed to be an unrivalled cost compared to conventional buildings.

Tank container

Tank containers are the optimal solution for the proper, professional and sound storage and transport of all liquids, gases or powders for not only the food and chemical industry but also the pharmaceutical industry. The tank containers we sell have passed the necessary tests and contain the proper licences to ensure safe and proper delivery during the movement of goods.

When used for the transport and storage of food, a certificate is also issued to verify the purity of the food container. During transport, tank containers must be filled to at least 80% in order to prevent dangerous splashing movements of the contents during transport.

At the same time, tank containers must not be filled to more than 95% allowing for any thermal expansion in the cargo space. Tanks intended for food transport must be labeled "potable liquids only" to prevent any contamination of the food-grade tank.

Tank containers are designed and constructed for use under +3 bar overpressure and are tested for their function with a pressure of +4.5 bar. If the temperature of the cargo needs to be controlled, a tank container can be equipped with insulation and/or heating and the temperature can be monitored during transport using a temperature probe.