Special feature: flat rack collapsible flush folding, useable as a flat rack or a platform, heavy truck load, heavy machineries, bulky goods

External / Internal
Length: 12.192 mm 40 ft / Length: 12.029 mm 39 ft 5“
Width: 2.438 mm 8 ft / Width: 2.350 mm 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.591 mm 8 ft 6“ / Height: 2.390 mm 7 ft 8“

Weight table
Tare weight: 4.950 kg / 10912 lb
Max. load: 40.000 kg / 88184 lb

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

A flat rack container is a special container with a very solid and resilient floor construction. The container has no longitudinal side walls (the long sides are open) and no roof, which is advantageous for the transport of large machines.
A flat rack container has only two walls at the ends, but can still be stacked. The flat rack container is used when the transport of bulky goods in a normal, closed container is not possible. Thanks to the many lashing rings that are available, you can easily secure the cargo.
Special feature: Due to their open walls design, flat rack containers are treated like special containers, which means higher shipping costs. In addition, transported goods and commodities must be stabilized and secured separately.

Collapsible flat racks:
There are two types of flat rack containers, fixed ended and collapsible. You can not fold the fixed-ended flat rack containers, however, the collapsible flat racks allow you to fold in the front walls. Then the containers become a platform so that you can stack empty containers. The flat rack container is also available in the high cube version, with a height dimension of 2,690 m at the two side walls.