External / Internal
Length: 2.991 mm 10 ft / Length: 2.791 mm 9 ft 2“
Width: 2.438 mm 8 ft / Width: 2.308 mm 7 ft 6“
Height: 2.591 mm 8 ft 6“ / Height: 2.361 mm 7 ft 7“

Door opening
Width: 2.262 mm / 7ft 4“
Height: 2.333 mm / 7ft 7“

Weight table
Tare weight: ca. 900 kg / 1984 lb
Max. load: 7200 kg / 15873 lb
Volume: 15m³

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

We offer you a storage container with perfect dimensions. Due to its advantageous small dimensions, this container does not take up much space on your property or warehouse. The container provides space and organization as file storage, garden storage, material storage, filing box, fireworks storage or tool cabinet.

Here are a few benefits of our container:

- A new container in your desired color
- The choice between wood and steel flooring
- Easy handling by a crane and or forklift
- As an option to equip with electricity
- Inner insulation possible

You can use this container as a warehouse, create storage rooms or self-storage facilities, tire warehouses, to transport packaging or workshops.