Special feature: high cube container,Wooden floor plywood floor (General Purpose) Container (Universal container)

External / Internal
Length: 12.192 mm 40 ft / Length: 12.029 mm 39 ft 5“
Width: 2.438 mm 8 ft / Width: 2.350 mm 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.896 mm 9 ft 6“ / Height: 2.697 mm 8 ft 8“

Door opening
Width: 2.340 mm / 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.280 mm / 7 ft 5“

Weight table
Tare weight: 4.200 kg / 9260 lb
Max. load: 30.480 kg / 67200 lb
Pallet space: 24 units
Volume: 76,3 m³

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

The 40-foot high cube containers are about 30 centimetres higher than the 40-foot standard containers. They correspond in construction to the ISO containers. It has a loading capacity of approximately 23-24 EUR-pallets. This type of container is one of the most widespread in the world and shipping. Due to their height, they are perfect for bulky goods and commodities with a larger volume. The 40-foot containers allow for pallets to be loaded higher. Typically, they are also used for the transport or storage of car parts. As a warehouse, the container is a cost-effective option.

Saving expensive construction costs and allowing for flexibility in terms of warehousing. The containers are CSC approved and are fully authorized for worldwide freight traffic. Do you require sea freight? Use our sea freight calculator!