Special feature: open top tarpulin top, easy loading from the top

External / Internal
Length: 6.058 mm 20 ft / Length: 5.898 mm 19 ft 4“
Width: 2.438 mm 8 ft / Width: 2.350 mm 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.591 mm 8 ft 6“ / Height: 2.390 mm 7 ft 8“

Door opening
Width: 2.340 mm / 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.280 mm / 7 ft 5“

Roof opening
Width: 2.232 mm
Length: 5.396 mm

Weight table
Tare weight: 2.200 kg / 4850 lb
Max. load: 30.480 kg / 67200 lb
Volume: 33,2 m³

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

Intermodal Container / Storage Container / Bulk Consignments / Bulk Cargo Consignments

Remove the tarp and the open-top containers are ideally loaded from above. These containers are best used for bulk goods, over-height loads, bulk shipments or for large or cumbersome machine tools that do not fit through the container doors. The special thing about this container is the roof. Since it has a removable tarp, you can easily transport bulky goods and cargo in excess, from A to B with the container. The roof also has removable braces. When loading and unloading with a crane or a trolley, the open top is thus ideal. Also available in our 20’ high cube open-top version.