30 FT Bulk-/ Cargo Container

In contrast to conventional freight containers, a bulk or bulk-cargo container has a manhole or openings for the goods to be loaded through the ceiling of the container.
Bulk containers are generally used for the transport of bulk materials such as cereals, spices, animal feed, rocks, and rock products.
On the door side are also openings, which are partially provided with hoses for steering the bulk material. Alternatively, unloading flaps, grain flaps can be attached to the door side, through which the bulk material can be unloaded.

Despite the special devices for bulk transport, the container can also be used for the transport of general cargo. In the longitudinal beams in the roof, lashing rings are also attached to secure the cargo. As a rule, bulk and bulk-cargo containers, like the majority of the intermodal containers, are equipped with forklift pockets to enable operation with a forklift. Bulk and bulk-cargo containers are available and present in the standard intermodal container sizes of 20 'and 40', but intermediate sizes are also possible.