External / Internal
Length: 1.822 mm 6ft / Length: 1.678 mm 5ft 5“
Width: 1.966 mm 6ft 5“ / Width: 1.880 mm 6ft 2“
Height: 1.929 mm 6ft 3“ / Height: 1.731 mm 5ft 7“

Door opening
Width: 1.872 mm / 6ft 1“
Height: 1.618 mm / 5ft 3“

Weight Table
Tare weight: 690 kg / 1521 lb
Max. load: 5.000 kg / 11000 lb
Volume: 5,5 m³

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

The difference between our storage containers and intermodal containers is the price difference and the construction. Intermodal containers are built to be robust and stable. If you want to move the containers frequently, it’s worth taking the more massive intermodal container type.

The containers are manufactured for the transport on land vehicles and the transport on land (road and rail), sea and air. They are equipped according to their environment and the transport route.
All materials used in the equipment are suitable for temperatures from -30 ° C to 80 ° C (176 ° F).

Standards and regulations
Each container and construction must be designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate authorities and standards.

The intermodal container is sturdily constructed so that operation and movement are done without much deformation.

Height Adjustment
At the lower corner fittings, using slings with connection fittings, at an angle of at least 60 ° to the horizontal plane.
The container is designed to be suitable for transport under normal operating conditions, as well as on the sea, road and rail.

Road: On the flatbed or skeleton chassis, attachment can only be made to four lower corner fittings.
Rails/tracks: Rails/tracks are found on the flat wagons or special containers, containers that are attached on chassis in TOF mode (‘Trailer On Flat Car’), or on four lower corner fittings in Container-on-Flat-Car (COFC) operation.

Door and fittings
The door consists of a steel frame and door panel, which are welded together as a substructure.

The containers are marked according to the ISO requirements, the owner's markings.