Special feature: 45ft high cube pallet wide container, 2,5m 8ft2“ width, special made for euro pallets to load more cargos

External / Internal
Length: 13.716 mm 45 ft / Length: 13.556 mm 44 ft 5“
Width: 2.500 mm 8 ft 2“ / Width: 2.440 mm 8 ft
Height: 2.896 mm 9 ft 6“ / Height: 2.697 mm 8 ft 8“

Door opening
Width: 2.340 mm / 7 ft 7“
Height: 2.585 mm / 8 ft 5“

Weight table
Tare weight: 4.380 kg / 9660 lb
Max. load: 34.000 kg / 74960 lb
Pallet space: 33 units
Volume: 89 m³

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

The 45-foot high cube pallet wide container has a loading capacity of 89 m³! This type of container is one of the largest transport containers in Europe. This container accommodates most pallets. In the pallet wide container, you can place two EUR-pallets next to each other. Overall, you can carry a volume of 33 pallets. This type of container was specially designed for the transport of EUR-pallets. This special construction is designed to use the space in the container efficiently. Due to the efficient use of the room, the risk of damage is minimized because the cargo can be better adjusted. These containers are often used for shorter sea traffic routes, such as Scandinavia.

The special feature of this container is that it has an external width of approximately 2.50 m (width), the inside width of approximately 2,442 mm (width). It is able to accommodate EUR-pallets with the dimensions 1200mm x 800mm. If you need sea freight to use our sea freight calculator.