Genset Diesel Generator

Gensets are suitable for not interrupting the cold chain.
Whether you need to heat or cool the genset ensures that your cold chain is not broken. Our generator sets are available as emergency generators or as power generators to be used, for example, on construction sites. Diesel generators can be used in a variety of areas such as airports, public buildings, data centres, residential buildings, swimming pools, hotels, greenhouses, agriculture, landfills, sanitation, industry, power plants, and hospitals.

The use of diesel-powered generators brings many advantages. A diesel generator has, for example, higher mileage than a gasoline generator and is less maintenance intensive. The fuel is also cheaper. As a result, many of the high-quality aggregates or generators are also suitable as an emergency generator.
When you power your refrigerated container outdoors, the diesel-powered generator is just the right choice. New or used we are happy to advise you on which unit would be best.

With us, you can buy or rent your genset.
Our diesel aggregator with a timer can be used for agriculture when irrigating the fields in summer. Allowing the water pump to pump water to the field while always keeping the field supplied with water at the same time.
For refrigerated containers, a clip-on unit is recommended, which is easy to install on the attachment. Undermount gensets are installed on the container chassis. A constant assembly and disassembly of the refrigerated containers are thus avoided and you can transport different refrigerated containers in no time.