10ft Chemical/Medical hazard good container

External / Internal
Length: 2.991 mm / Length: 2.831 mm
Width: 2.438 mm / Width: 2.329 mm
Height: 2.591 mm / Height: 2.390 mm
Ventilation slot: 2 x 200 x 200mm each door
Shalves: colored 3mm strong stee
Lashing of the barrels: steel rail installed inside 1000mm + 1000mm and straps, 2m long

Door opening
Width: 2,325 mm
Height: 2,275 mm

Weight table
Tare weight: 1100 kg
Max load: 30.480 kg
Volume: 15 m³
Tank capacity: 8‘GP 600 l, 10’GP 1100 l 15’GP 1340 l, 20’GP 1610 l

All dimensions are subject to change. Values may vary.

Store your chemical and biological substances with our containers! This special storage container is available in 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet and 20 feet versions. Store your liquids safely in our containers! The containers have a power connection, fluorescent tube, light switch, bottom grid and a base plate with a drain valve. ATEX certified electronics; explosion-proof are installed. Whether for dangerous or non-hazardous liquids with this container, you are on the safe side. As a medicine warehouse, working with a lot of liquids in the pharmaceutical industry, the container is ideal, as storage of various liquids.