Wire Container or Kennel / Aviary Container

As a dog cage, dog kennel or animal gate, lattice box, animal enclosure, animal shelter, rescue station, lattice container, lattice container with personal door, dog house, cage, animal cage, chicken coop, birdcage, metal cage, bunny or rabbit cage, breeding stall, breeding cage or freewheel enclosure. Our latest product is a lattice container. A rock solid lattice container in a modular system, whose variety of elements enables a particularly varied construction and offers all sizes and shapes to your liking. The wall coverings can be made of either wood, plastic or metal for wind and visual protection.

This wire container can be used in the garden, as an extension to the house, in the backyard or the basement. It can be used for a wide range of animal species, such as dogs, rabbits, birds, chickens, etc. The wire container can also be used for a variety of applications, such as dog kennel/cage, animal gate, lattice box, animal enclosure, animal shelters, zoos, chicken coop or breeding stall. Each grid variation has a lockable personal door as standard.