Caravan / Off-road Motor Home

Prepare for your world excursion, whether the desert, the mountains, the jungle or the forests. Depending on what you decide; 2 axles, 3 axles or 4 axles, we can build a four-wheel drive motor home that can be quite different and affordable. For the choice of the vehicle, we can offer recommendations or take over the entire organizational process.

As a basis for our caravan van, we use first and foremost a 20’ insulated low cube refrigerated container, because on our European roads the vehicle and cargo together may not be higher than 4.00 m. Our refrigerated containers have thorough insulation. We can prepare the mobile living space as much as you would like. We work and plan alongside you, whether it’s for windows, doors, sanitary connections, flaps, or electrical needs. We can make also make the most out of your budget.

For specific furnishing options, such as comfortable or rustic, we can give you recommendations and refer you to various interior decorators, or in some cases feel free to do the whole thing yourself. After completion, the container is then ready for you to explore the world. A perfect idea for circus showmen or frequent travellers. On campsites, this can be a real eye-catcher!