Arbor from our Intermodal Container

You can be sure this disguise has traveled the oceans. The gazebo has massive sub-cladding made of intermodal container steel. The garden huts are usable in both summer and winter. From the outside, the arbor is covered with wood. Covered as a flat roof garden house with wood. We offer 3 different variations. Our gazebos are unique and not the product of the assembly line. Have a cozy campfire!  Our conservatory is one of a kind. We can instal doors or windows, if necessary.

Interior panel OSB3 panels are bolted to the container wall. Floors are in laminate with closing edge at the exit. Outer fairing Nordic spruce are screwed to the container wall.

This container can be used as a Christmas market stall or is outstanding as a simple covered market stall. This stand has already been used successfully as a mulled wine stand and as a snack stall grilling station. Would you like to use the market stall only for a single event or festival? No problem! Rent or buy. We are happy to make you a suitable rental offer for a short-term use.

Standard variation without roof only the front wall covered with Nordic spruce. Entrance equal to container height.
Standard PLUS version with 15 degree roof pitch, roof accessible with bitumen roof shingles. Entrance 2 meters.
Comfort PLUS 15-degree sloping roof, roof accessible with bitumen roof shingles. Entrance 2 meters high, laterally in the entrance area double vertical plates. Entrance about 1.30 meters wide.